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YRT Turning Bearing Sleeve

Luoyang Yujie specializes in supplying series kinds of bearings, bearing seat, and bearing sleeve, etc.
Product Details:

YRT Turning Bearing Inner and Outer Sleeve by Luoyang Yujie

Bearing sleeve display:cepymrv2q94mA - 副本.jpg


Why so many customers choose us?

As a professional bearing sleeve manufacture in China, LYYJ looks forward to the international market. LYYJ develops and manufactures various kinds of bearing sleeve, such as slewing bearing, crossed roller bearing, rolling mill bearing especially YRT turning table bearing sleeve.

Wat certificates we have?

we have been certified by quality management system in accordance with ISO9001:2008, and also beve been authorized to operate import and export. We have 20-year experiences in manufacturing bearing sleeve and mechanical processing. Our products are exported to USA, Germany, England and some other western countries.

How to find us:

Tina Zuo

WhatsApp: +86-155 1539 9092

Email: sales01@yujieindustry.com

Attentions: all inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.

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