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CNC Metal Forging Machine Tool

the professional factory engaged in designing and manufacturing machinery equipments and large size non-standard machinery parts,including mining machinery equipment,CNC machine tools equipment,mould,gears,shafts,bearing pedestal,bearing shell,couplings,hammer,end cover etc.,our products mainly used in the fields of mining,petroleum,cement,steel mill,power plant,sugar factory,aerospace, auto, precision molding industries etc.
Product Details:

CNC Metal Forging Machine Tool

CNC Turrent Pench Showing:

1 数控砖塔冲-CNC turret pench.jpg

Gap Frame Press Showing:

2 开式压力机-gap frame press.jpg

CNC Shearing Machine Showing:

3 数控剪板机-CNC shearing machine.jpg

CNC Bending Machine Showing:

4 数控折弯机-CNC bending machine.jpg

Four-Column Hydraulic Press Showing:

5 四柱液压机-fou-column hydraulic press.jpg

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