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5M CNC Horizontal MTE CW61200

The CNC Horizontal Lathe series are mainly used to turn inner and outer cylindrical surface, conical surface and other rotating parts, to machine kinds of metric thread, inch thread, modulus thread and pitch thread, and to broach oil gallery and key slot. This series of lathe machine have the following characteristics: 1. Machine body side wall takes double reinforcement plate, inner box shapes as box composite structure, higher than conventional lathe, stable precision, high-rate cutting 2. Slide carriage equipped with fast-moving structure, single handle operated vividly 3. Saddle guide rail use TSF soft wear resistant material 4. Small automatic-feed carriage, upper carriage solely turn conical surface , also match upper carriage and vertical auto feed to turn long conical surface.
Product Details:

5m CNC Horizontal MTE CW61200

Assembling finished 5m CNC Horizontal MTE CW61200 showing:


General instruction for 5m CNC Horizontal MTE CW61200:

Luoyang Yujie specializes in OEM manufacturing and supplying of CW series of horizontal and vertical MTE, such as CW61160B×3m, CW61200× 5m.

Besides, we can also machine all kinds of spare partt on CW61200B, and other machine tool equipment.

And we can also supplying different length of CW61200 model, like 3m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 13m, 14m, and 15m.

Special features of 5m CNC Horizontal MTE CW61200:

  1. Spindle carriage feed rate range: 56 kinds

  2. Upper carriage:0.025-3mm

  3. Metric threading pitch range:44 kinds 1-120

  4. Inch threading range:31 kinds 24-1/4 t.p.i

  5. Modulus threading range:45 kinds 0.5-60

  6. Pitch threading range:38 kinds 1/2-56DP

  7. Max gap travel:Max work piece length - 200mm

  8. Middle carriage max travel: 300mm

  9. Upper carriage max travel: 200mm

  10. Rapid speed of carriage (vertical): 3740mm

  11. Rapid speed of carriage (horizontal): 1870mm

  12. Middle carriage: 935mm

  13. Tailstock sleeve diameter: 180mm

  14. Max travel of tailstock sleeve: 300mm

  15. Max taper bore of tailstock sleeve:Metric 80 kw

Personnel concerned for 5m CNC Horizontal MTE CW61200:

To meet technical requirement for CW61160B, LYYJ employed plenty of top technical engineers for researching, manufacturing, and machining. Our research to CW61160B has broken great through in the field, and herence our general engineer has been awarded the tittle of Industry Research Leader in 2010.

Certtificates awarded:

Till this year, aparting from business licence, LYYJ has been awarded series certificates for importing and exporting trade, including ISO, SGS, CE, etc.

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WhatsApp: +86-15515399092

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