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CNC Tool Post
China YOGIE, fully named Luoyang Yujie Industry & Trade Co. Ltd. established in 2004, specializes in manufacturing and marketing of lathe machine tool equipment, mechanical machining, casting and forging parts. Main products concern fields including mine and metallurgy parts, non-standard parts for large-scale mill equipment, tool post, gear(shaft), milling boring, mould, space, and military equipment parts. We own high precision milling boring equipment, milling machining center, and CNC lathe machine tool equipment, which can excellently machine and process all kinds of mine machine tool equipment and other parts. Besides, we can also process by client supplied material or drawings.
Product Details:

Auto parts machined on CNC VMC 850L

Seni-finished and finished tool post machining moment:

2 刀座-tool post.jpg



Company introduction:

Luoyang Yujie is the (OEM) manufacture and supplier of all models of CNC machining centers and mine machienry equipment.

Besides, we can also machine all kinds of spare parts, like mine machinery frame, CNC tool post, and other spare parts.

Owned Equipment:

To mill the tool post for mine machinery, LYYJ owns 3 sets of CNC gantry milling machines, with 2.2m-lemgth, 3m-length, and 6m-length.

Personnel equipped:

LYYJ employed top technical engineers and experienced operators from the whole field. And equipped one top engineer nad two technical operators, 2-shift each day, ensuring normal working every moment.

Our Team:

The core technical engineers in YOGIE all come from the domestic famous enterprises such as CITIC Heavy Industries with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing .Meanwhile,we have a serious professional R&D team in order to meet different demands of customers.

Communicate through:

Tina Zuo

WhatsApp: 0086-155 153 99092

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