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Activated carbon converter gear manufacturers product advantages
Apr 17, 2018

1. The activated carbon rotary gear has high hardness, good crack resistance, strong wear resistance, and fine products.

2. The appearance quality of the finished product is guaranteed.

3、Before leaving the factory, carry out non-destructive inspection hardness inspection (HB175-200) on the bearing surface, strong ability, safe and stable operation.

4. The internal processing of the foundry's foundry billet is not subject to any outside cooperation, mass production, quality control requirements are strictly guaranteed, and the sales price has advantages.

   Choosing to cooperate with us is a good choice for you to rest assured: We have always been paying attention to the quality of our products. From the raw materials of the big gears to the foundry and processing factories, we have passed layer inspections to ensure that the quality of activated carbon converter gear products can meet the expectations.

   In addition to innovations in casting process technology, we have also innovated in the business model to achieve the perfect combination of network and traditional casting companies. To form a mature model of "online promotion -- offline communication production - online driving down the line".