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Characteristics of Lubrication System in Vertical Machining Center
Mar 31, 2017

The use of compressed air in the pipeline flow, driving lubricants along the pipeline wall continuous flow, the oil and gas mixed and transported to the processing center spindle and screw and other parts need lubrication. The dry compressed air is supplied continuously at a constant pressure (5-8BAR), while the lubricating oil is supplied in different amounts depending on the spindle lubrication, screw lubrication or other parts of the fuel consumption. So each lubrication circuit must use a separate miniature pump as the power source of oil, oil from the pump after the first must enter the oil and gas mixing valve, in the oil and gas mixture valve, the flow of compressed air to blow the oil into small oil droplets, attached The oil film is formed on the pipe wall, and the oil film flows along the pipe wall with the direction of the air flow. The thickness of the oil film is gradually thinned during the flow, but it does not condense.