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CNC machine maintenance commonly used which NC program modification method?
Mar 31, 2017

(1) single program suitable method CNC machine maintenance related to CNC program operation failure of the maintenance content can generally use a single block to run the method.

Usually with the fault associated with the instructions to prepare or modify the existing procedures for verification and testing. For example, to check the tool change, in the MDI mode, so that

Use the M06 command to write or modify the tool change procedure to check the tool change process of a tool in the tool change operation. ,

(2) multi-associated program running method As several programs in the NC program and fault-related, can be used to run the multi-related procedures, such as the use of

M07, M08 and M09 instructions to prepare or modify the program, check the coolant open and close the action process.

(3) 1 dynamic parameter processing parameters set I including the spindle speed S, feed speed F, knife compensation, coordinate zero offset, etc., in order to check the machine to return to the parameters

Test point, speed, feed speed conversion and other actions, often need to check in a variety of current value when the machine running quietly, this time can be used to change, modify the processing parameters set to detect the method to check.