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Design Features and Requirements of Vertical Machining Center
Mar 31, 2017

1, with a higher static and dynamic demeanor. Vertical machining centers are expensive and require more processing costs than traditional machine tools, which requires that measures be taken to significantly reduce single-piece processing times. The processing time of the compressed single piece includes two aspects of the development of the new tool material on the one hand. The cutting speed is multiplied greatly, and the cutting time is greatly improved. On the other hand, the automatic tool changing system is used to speed up the clamping And so on, which greatly reduces the auxiliary time. These measures have significantly increased productivity and achieved good economic benefits, but have also significantly increased the load and operating time of the machine. In the design and processing center structure, taking into account these, therefore, the basic large block is usually closed box structure, reasonable layout of the stiffener plate and strengthen the contact of the various parts of the wind, effectively improve the machine's static grace. In addition, the quality of the adjustment component may change the system's natural frequency, increase the damping can improve the damping characteristics of the machine, is to improve the machine moving force effective measures.