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How to choose the right machining center
Mar 31, 2017

The geometry of the workpiece and the machining area determine the model variety and size. In general, the rotary body processing selection CNC lathe.

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Rotary body with some flat or slot machining accuracy requirements can generally be completed several times to complete the selection of CNC cars and vertical machining centers, and precision, especially the high degree of position requirements of the product should be used to complete the turning center.

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Drilling and tapping in a working face (small hole diameter less than 12mm) should use the arm-type drilling machine, large aperture suitable for vertical machining center to complete.

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In a plane or position is not demanding in a few different positions within the plane milling and free surface milling, drilling, boring and other processing requirements of small and medium-sized workpiece, the use of vertical machining center, and different High position requirements of non-ferrous metals, soft metals and less processing margin of black metal (iron, steel, stainless steel, etc.) workpiece size is relatively small parts suitable for use in vertical machining center with a fourth axis to complete the form.