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Machining center tool selection
Mar 31, 2017

Determination of cutting amount The cutting amount includes cutting depth (back knife), spindle speed (cutting speed), feed rate. For different processing methods, the need to choose a different amount of cutting, and should be compiled within the program. Reasonable choice of cutting the amount of the principle is: rough processing, generally to improve productivity-based, but also should consider the economy and processing costs first select the largest amount of back to eat knife; secondly, according to the machine power and rigid constraints , Select as much as possible the amount of feed; Finally, according to tool durability to determine the best cutting speed. Semi-finishing and finishing, should ensure the quality of processing under the premise of taking into account the cutting efficiency, economy and processing costs. First according to the roughness of the rough to determine the amount of back knife; secondly, according to the rough surface of the machined surface requirements, select a smaller feed; Finally, to ensure the durability of the tool under the premise of as much as possible to choose a higher cutting speed The