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MTC46 series of row knife CNC lathe
Jan 10, 2018

MTC46 series of row knife CNC lathe



Can increase drilling, milling, tapping function.

Full range of standard C axis, optional Y axis.

Modular and versatile design, fast and flexible response to customer needs.

· Optional automatic drawer, automatic feeder.

Field applications

MTC46 series multi-function turning unit is a kind of multi-function numerical control product with great concentration developed by our factory in combination with the market demand for multi-function and high efficiency of small-sized parts. The machine has the characteristics of high processing efficiency, stable performance, strong adaptability and rich configuration and is the inevitable choice for complex parts processing in automobile, hardware, electronics, plumbing and other industries.


Technical Parameters


Maximum cutting length / mm: 270

Maximum cutting diameter (disk type) / mm: 230

Maximum cutting diameter (shaft) Collet / mm: 45

Maximum cutting diameter (shaft) chuck / mm: 130

Spindle speed range r / min: 40-4500

Main motor output power (30 minutes / continuous): 7.5 / 5.5

Spindle maximum output torque (30 minutes) / Nm: 45

X / Z axis rapid traverse speed m / min: 20/24

Y-axis fast-moving speed (optional) m / min: 10

Processing accuracy: IT6

X / Z axis positioning accuracy: 0.013 / 0.016

C-axis positioning accuracy (optional): 72 "

X / Z axis repeat positioning accuracy: 0.005 / 0.006

C-axis repeat positioning accuracy (optional): 36 "

Machine outline / mm: 2200x1750x1800