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Prediction of crusher industry in the next 3-5 years under policy control
Apr 17, 2018

Say that the heavy industry is a forlorn industry. This is not an overstatement. Whether it has a strategic vision, whether it can strategize the entire industry, and whether it can seize opportunities and rapid development is the key to the success of the heavy industry. Judging from historical experience, national policies have become the key to the life-and-death choice of the heavy industry. A number of enterprises have been established as a result of policies, which inevitably will kill a group of enterprises. Experts predict that in the next 3-5 years, the heavy industry will surely reshuffle. As for who will be the master of the next round, look at the present.

The crushing equipment industry also reflects the overall development of the heavy industry. The crushing equipment involves industries such as cement, gravel, mining, desulphurization, and energy. These industries are all policy-oriented industries. The industry development direction also reflects the direction of policy guidance. In 2011, the cement industry was in dire straits, rising and falling, and it was controversial; after several speculations in real estate, it finally went down; many droughts prompted 4 trillion water conservancy investment, which favored the sand aggregate industry; Safeguard housing construction is finally completed, becoming the largest piece of fat in the second half of 2011; the government aided the construction of the Middle East region, equipment exports will become common sight opportunities and threats coexist, the crusher industry in the next few years how the development trend, and see current policy indicators.

In order to promote economic development and accelerate the pace of national development, the government spends huge sums of money and invests a lot of manpower and material resources in infrastructure construction. Cement, gravel aggregates, steel bars, and concrete have become tight products, and infrastructure construction has driven the development of the heavy industry such as the crushing equipment industry.

The crusher industry will be reshuffled in the next 3-5 years under the control of policies. Currently, crushing equipment manufacturers have received orders for the sales season, which is expected to occur in the next 3-5 years. However, there will be extreme objections, no permanent demands, no permanent policies, a slowdown in macroeconomic policies led by policies, tight monetary conditions, a severe credit environment, market overdrafts, unfavorable overcapacity, rising raw material prices, and labor costs. It also includes the unfavorable market order, which has been constantly chaotic, and it is all behind the prosperity.

After the prosperity, it will surely be a decline. With fewer and fewer mine resources, cement, sand and concrete will follow the situation of no rice husk. Especially with the continuous development of science and technology, new technologies and new processes will be continuously applied to building materials. At present, some regions The construction mode of reinforced concrete has begun to be replaced by the emerging steel plate and steel reinforcement mode. This mode not only does not require traditional building materials such as cement sand and gravel, but it is also easy to disassemble and easy to recycle, which is consistent with the sustainable development concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. Lou Hongbo, chairman of China's leading crushing and wear-resistant material manufacturer Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., is a visionary wise man. Faced with the situation of our industry, he pointed out that although the market for crushing equipment is unprecedentedly prosperous, people have no worries about it. There must be a near-worry, and this kind of prosperity cannot last long. Opportunities are coming. There is no greater loss than no opportunity. Our crushing equipment companies should base themselves on the continuous development and development of high-end equipment that meets market demand and is the capital for dealing with future industry reshuffling. The market is constantly changing. The only constant is strength, quality, and service. We should continue to insist on innovation, improve R&D level and management level, and enhance the overall strength of the company. Only in this way can we quickly seize the market in the next 3-5 years. stand out!

According to conservative estimates, the development opportunities in the heavy industry are in the present and will not continue to prosper. The reshuffling of the crushing equipment industry will also be an inevitable trend in the next 3-5 years. After the reshuffling, the road to the crushing industry will no longer be the same. Wide. If the fittest survives, the fittest will survive for a long time. A large number of crusher manufacturers will disappear in this wave, but industry giants will also emerge. Whoever will quickly seize the market in this 3-5 years will be Future industry giants!