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Casting Steel Bearing Seat

Casting Steel Bearing Seat
The bearing seat we product include split and intergrated bearing seat. Material:gray casting iron Advantage:long service life,durable
Product Details:

The bearing seat we product include split and intergrated bearing seat,they are mainly used in the large heavy industrial machinery such as rotary kiln, ball mill, steam turbine and so on.Gray casting iron are widely used in the bearing seat,after casting the material need to anneal, which can effectively improve the usability of the bearing seat.

Raw material of bearing seat: gary casting iron

bearing seat

Rough machining on the vertical lather

ball mill parts bearing seat

Finish machining on CNC Milling Machine

rotary kiln bearing seat

Finished Product:the finished surface should protect by anti- rust oil 

rotary kiln bearing seat

Our factory mainly product the large size bearing seat, and we can product as per customer's drawing and requirments.And we also manufacture other large machinery parts such as bearing, shaft ,gear and sprocket.

Any question, please kindly contact with us.E-mail:export@yujieindustry.com,Whatsapp:18638881752

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