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ball mill Bearing Pedestal

China YOGIE specializs in processing Split bearing seat/ Sliding bearing seat/ Rolling bearing seat/ Flange bearing seat/Outer spherical bearing seat. And our high precision milling boring equipment can excellently machine all kinds of milling boring works and parts.
Product Details:

The ball mill bearing pedetal adopt gary casting iron, which can effectively improve the quality and useful life of the production.The sturcture advantage of our bearing pedetal: no cover which can keep the good oil quality and effectivly improve the useful life of the bearing ,safe and reliable operation.

(OEM) Bearing Pedestal Machined on 3M CNC Gantry Turning Milling Machine

       bearing pedestal.jpgbearing pedestal.jpg

Bearing pedestal types:

We can machine Split bearing seat/support, Sliding bearing seat, Rolling bearing seat, Flange bearing seat, and Outer spherical bearing seat.

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