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Spur Gear Rack

Spur Gear Rack
Spur gear rack material: Q345B, alloy steel, carbon steel ; Specification: according to drawings ; Certification: ISO9001
Product Details:

Product name

spur gear rack








Lathing, milling, grinding, drilling

Number of teeth




Heat treatment

Quenched and Tempered Hardness:  170-217HBS.


Max 567KG


According to drawing

Torque Capacity

According to drawings

Chemical Control


Defect Contro




Model Number

According to drawing

Packaging Details

Package adapting to ocean transport

Delivery Time

30 - 90 days



Technical requirements:

1. The performance, chemical composition and delivery status of raw materials of spur gear rack they are required to be purchased according to GB/T 1591-2008.

2. If the spur gear rack  can be processed wholely, just do it, such as considering to save material, machining accuracy, the method of block processing can be adopted , block method can be according to the figure, divided into 10 processing, each dimension as shown.

3. The size control and inspection requirements of internal spur gear rack after machining shall be performed according to "JB/ t5000.9-1998".

   4. The process prevents deformation of the internal spur gear rack.

5. After the pin hole matching drill is completed, place the steel seal on the corresponding position of the rack and the link block to mark the installation position. According to the assembly diagram, print the "1~10" number in the clockwise direction, and the digital printing position is on the edge of the fixed block corresponding to the two ends of internal spur gear rack. Print height of inter spur gear rack is 4mm.

   6. Unfilled Angle of spur gear rack is C2.

   7. Deburring, oil, cutting scale and anti-rust oil.

spur gear rack technical data:

1.Forging grade 4,KP640(65),HB248-293KCU59(6)GOST8479-70.

2.No size limit deviation of internal spur gear rack :injection plus or minus IT14/2.

3.Relative based joint surface, Tolerance  for r and Д surface is 0.1mm.

4.Surface to detect surface after compaction, may surface shape deviation detection.

5.After H collocated with axis, mark on N and Л surface and riveting.

6.Internal spur gear rack should be processed in pair, print same   serial number, and check and acceptance by complete sets.

6.spur gear rack processed in pair,Size M difference value not more than 0.1mm.

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