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High Precision Large Module Straight Segment Gear Rack

The gear rack have up and down parts, the precision very high,part 2 total length 1570mm, machined by 2.2m CNC Gantry boring and milling machine, we can also machining segments gear rack, which can make large size gear rack, so if any interest,pls contact us.
Product Details:


Product name

High Precision Large Module Straight Segment Gear Rack

Brand name



Stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium alloy, high chrome, cast iron, bronze, ductile iron, brass, etc.

Model Type

All kinds of model we can do according to your request


Gear,gear rack, shaft, bearing  pedestal, support roller, end cover, hammer etc. Machinery components and Mining  Equipments.

Casting Method

Most of the Gear Ring Used on Mining Machinery with Hardness 60 are made by sand casting.


Moulding, pouring, machining, testing

Annual Capacity

The maximum production capacity could be  10, 000 tons per year, with a single piece up to 100 tons, the smallest part only a few grams by lost wax casting, the largest weight can be made up to 50ton/pc.    


According to 100% drawing


As per 100% drawing


Grinding: 0.001mm   
 EDM: 0.002mm




CNC Lathe, Universal Lathe, CNC Cutting   Machine,CNC Machining center, CNC Gantry boring and milling machine  


Spectrometer, Hardness Tester, Toughness Tester, Dynamic Balancing Tester, PT Tester, Hydro Test, High Pressure 1500 psi etc.


Oilfield equipment, Well  Construction, Mining & Construction, Power Generation,   Wastewater General industry, Chemical Processing etc.


According to client's request

High Precision Large Module Straight & Segment Gear Rack 05.jpg


   As an important part in engineering industry, gear rack plays a fundamental role in many fileds, such as Oilfield equipment, Well Construction, Mining & Construction, Power Generation, Wastewater General industry, Chemical Processing etc. The raw material of our gear rack is through carefully selected, making the gear rack with strong abrasion resistance and relatively stable friction coefficient. The compact and reasonable structure of gear rack provide a foundation for easy installation, besides, the gear rack has been treated by heat treatment. The surface of the gear rack is elaborately polished, and the anti-rust oil is applied on it, so as to making the product diffcult to be rust. The gear rack has been successfully tested by market for a long time with a long life and low failure rate, and enjoy a good reputation.


   The gear rack we can provide include lots of straight gear rack, helical rack and the segment gear rack. If you have any interest or need for our gear rack, please contact us, we are bound to give you an timely reply.

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