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Truck Hub Gear

Luoyang Yujie machines heavy truck hub gear by CNC horizontal machine tool equipment, ad alsl process other spare parts according to clients; drawings or requirements.
Product Details:

Heavy Truck Hub Gear Machined on Horizontal Machine Tool Equipment by Luoyang Yujie

Truck gub gear machining displaying:




Machining equipment:

Luoyang Yujie machines truck hub gears for heavy truck on CNC horizontal machine tool equipment.

Machining steps:

1. Normalizing treatment to forging pieces,

2. Tempering treatment to HB235~260 after turning machining,

3. Not marked chamfering 1*45 dgree

4. Tooth quenching treatment HRC50~52,

Contact way:


WhatsApp: +86-155 1539 9092

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