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Military Mould Machining,CNC Precision Machining

Military Mould Machining,CNC Precision Machining
Military mould machining,CNC precision machining Yogie can manufactures military mold,space mould, auto mould ,other mold and mold frame, Fish Bolt with Nut and Washer, Wooden Sleeper, Auto Bolt and other spare parts. We can provide products according to customers drawings and samples.Our main products are as following: 1. Space military mold 2. Auto parts mold 3. Other mold and mold frame 4. Track Bolt with Nut; 5. Rail Base (Tie) Plate; 6. Rail Fish Plate, Fish Bolt, nut and washers; 7. Railway Shoulder (Insert); 8. Railroad Rubber and EVA Pad; 9. Rail spring washer, Rail plain washer; 10. Rail Clamp plate; 11. Train Block shoe/ Brake block; 12. Rail Anchor; 13. Rail Shoulder; 14. Steel Rail; 15. Steel Sleeper. yogie is experienced in manufacturing large-sized marine castings and forgings, possessing advanced technology, strong technical force and completes testing facilities, it has the ability to manufacture and develop all various marine parts.We make all efforts to supply the quality products at the best price.And to provide our customers best quality and reliability of production we make strict quality control from the beginning of drawing conformation until the final packaging. We use safe high-quality materials and work with experienced factories.
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