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Central Wallboards

Luoyang Yujie specializes in supplying various models of cnc machining center, and machining standard or non-standard spare parts according to customers' drawings ow requirement.
Product Details:

Central Wallboards Machined on VMC 850L by Luoyang Yujie

Finished central wallboards display:

What equipment we have for central wallboards?

We owns enough CNC machining centers for central wallboards machining, like VMC 850, VMC 1060, and HMC 1813.

Besides, we can machine central wallboards with applied material, or we can buy raw material for customers, which are so much convenient to our customers both in domestic and overseas.

What technicans we have for central wallboards?

Luoyang Yujie always devote itself to domestic and abroad market, so we have employed enough number of advanced technical engineers and technicans with rich experience in manufacturing and machining central wallboards.

What service team we have?

Tina Zuo

WhatsApp: 0086-155 153 99092


Good news: all inquiry message will be answered in 24hrs.

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