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CNC Machining Robot Moving Track Machined by 6M CNC Gantry Boring and Milling Machine

Large size Robot moving track machined by our factory 6m CNC Gantry boring and milling machine, the precision very high, which can ensure the accuracy for the dimensions and form of products, and non-standard frame can also be produced by our factory.
Product Details:

CNC Machining Robot moving track machined by 6M CNC Gantry boring and milling machine


 Technical data:


1.       The processing should be overall processing after welding and stress release to ensure the accuracy for dimension and form of the products.

2.       Round R0.5 not noted, the rest angle blunt poured and deburring.

3.       Fillet welding not noted in picture, its height is respectively in the two kinds of ioint the thinnest thickness of 0.8 times(one side welding) and 0.4(welding by both sides)

4.       B reference plane straigtness 0.05mm/m,total length of 0.1mm or less.

5.       When welding by Ctype pliers will take the initiative to side base plate and steel intensify after welding, welding from middle to both sides.

6.       Processing before sandblasting,made surface treatment of the lacquer bake after processing,using epoxy antrirust primer,paint choose 71 B01 dark gray(GSB-1426-2001),rust –proof oil daubed on the rail.

7.       When processed, should be distinguished with 060101-0501-0200-00 9(another pair grounding rail) clearly.

 Robot moving track 02.jpg

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