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Impeller Casing

Luoyang Yujie specializes in supplying various models of machine tool equipment, and machining standard or non-standard spare parts according to customers' drawings or requirement.
Product Details:

Impeller Casing Machined by 5m-long Vertical Machine Tool Equipment

Semi-finished impeller casing display:

Why are we superior forimpeller casing machining?

1. We have various models of CNC vertical machine tool equipment especially for impeller csing for volumn machining, which can effectively ensuring low cost hence lower price.

2. We have top advanced professional team with over deadde years experience in impeller casing machine, which can highly ensure machining process and impeller casing quality.

3. We can machine impeller casing with supplied material by our clients, or directly buy raw material at local market, which can effectively save transportation fees for our clients.

4. We have successful cases already with our client in USA, which can effectively affirm our achievement. This is the second impeller casing machining in our factory.

Where can our clients send inquiry to us?

Sales manager: Tina Zuo

WhatsApp: 0086-155 153 99092


Notes: every enquiry will be answered in 24hrs.

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