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Impeller Upper Rail Machining, CNC Precision Machining,CNC Milling Machining

upper rail used for impeller, theory diameter 5542mm, which need to be machined by our factory 6M CNC Gantry boring and milling machine, precision very high, CNC precision milling machining, customers just provide drawings and samples, we can accepted OEM&ODM
Product Details:

Impeller upper rail machining, CNC precision machining,CNC milling machining


The impeller on track technical requirements:

1.       The finished product arc length 5542mm in diameter theory

2.       Confirm track legible before machining, drawing figure number and production drawing number.

3.       Confirm product diameter and arc length before machining which can meet the drawing size requirement no.

4.       Keep drawing mark not lost when machining,the machining surface should be moved marking.

5.       Should pay attention to installing cards and control reasonable cutting range when machining, try to reduce the deformation of the fininshed product.

6.       The finished product should be made permanent mark,the content for the figure no. and the only traceable parts manufacturers tag code, tag should be located in the inner diameter 500mm from the end,check the accuracy of shape through samples,figure no. tag as a check project.

7.       Surface and inner and outer diameter finishe-milling, before the last knife should loosen all jaw after release the deformation, and fixed, then complete machining.




rail drawing 2017.07.12.jpg

YOGIE has advanced CNC machine tools,aerospace mould,military mould,auto mould,auto parts,frame,rail,and other non-standard machining can be supplied by our factory, our machine tools equipments as follows:1.6m/2.5m/5m CNC Vertical lathe,2.2m/3m/4m/6m CNC granty milling machine, 1270/1580/850 machining center,3.5m universal floor-type griding machine, 80mm drill press or some other advanced equipmens,OEM&ODM can be accepted.

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