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Machinery Flange,bump,cam Machined by CNC Gantry Milling Machine from YOGIE for Russian Customer

YOGIE have advanced CNC machine tools, which machining moulds, mill liner,hammer,gear ring,bearing, bearing pedestal, vibration exciter,vibrator housing,shaft,eccentric shaft,support roller etc.
Product Details:

Processing method:

Forging parts→rough milling→flaw detection→milled by CNC Machining center→quenching and tempering→half rough milll→ageing treatment →finish milling→inspection

 Flange bump drawing.jpg

Technical data:

1.     Forging GOST8479-70,HB262-311,KCU>J/c㎡ hardness need to be checked every parts, each batch inspecton or samples tested for the rest of the parameters.

2.      H14,h14,+—IT14/2

3.      Dimenions and roughness before quenching and tempering.

4.      Drawing no.and order no. marked

5.      Acute angle play blunt 


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