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Overturning Platform

Luoyang Yujie specializes in supplying various models of CNC gantry milling machine, and machining standard or non-standard spare parts by customders' drawings or requirement.
Product Details:

Overturning Platform for Power Plant Milled on 6m-long Gantry Milling Maching

Overturning platform shows:


What procedure we do?

We own numerous CNC gantry milling machine for overturning platform. The overturning platform is one of the critical parts of mining equipment. The whole machining procesure includes boring, turning, and milling. All of the series machining conducted on the 6m-long CNC gantry milling machine for one month.

What advantages we have?

1. We owns plenty of CNC milling machine for overturning platform machining, inculding three models of CNC gantry milling devices, 6m-long, 3m-long, and 2.2m-long, which are the solid backing of good products.

2. We have top advanced technical crews than other factory in the whole province, even around the whole China, they are full of rich skill and experience for overturning platforms.

3. We have been corported with large numerous overseas customers about overturning platfrom machining in UK, USA, Germany, Turkey, and other countries.

Where to leave message for you?

Tina Zuo

WhatsApp: 0086-155 1539 9092


Notes: all enquiry replied whinin 2 working days.

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