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Q345B Steel High Precision Custom Fixing Plate Machined by CNC Gantry Boring and Milling Machine

Large size non-standard parts can be machined by CNC lathe,CNC Gantry boring and milling machine,CNC machining center.
Product Details:

Q345B steel high precision custom fixing plate machined by CNC Gantry boring and milling machine


Technical data:

1.       Plate material should be according to GB/T 3274 standard

2.       Leveling after processing,sheet metal plate flatness less than 1mm/1000mm

3.       All edges and corners round (R) is greater than or equal to 2mm

4.       No note tolerances according to GB/T 1804 level in execution

Connect upper and lower guide rod bolt hole to hole angle as a benchmark for processing

fixing plate drawing pic.01.jpg

fixing plate drawing pic.02.jpg

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