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Transmission Box Seat Machining,CNC Precision Milling

Transmission box seat is non-standard large size products, our factory can manufacture large size machinery parts,shaft,gear,support roller,mould and frame,if any interest,pls kindly contact us.
Product Details:

Transmission box seat machining,CNC precision milling


Technical data:

1.Remove the flash burrs

2.Holes dimension 180H8 225H7 and 155,305,320,255 should be machined together with transmission box cover after closing.

3. Contact ratios for Hole 4-225H7 Center line with flask joint should be less than 0.3mm

4.Box with Kerosene was carried out on the seam leakage check, no Leakage phenomenon.




 Transmission box seat drawing 2017.07.27.jpg


YOGIE specialize in manufacturing large size non-standard machinery parts,such as shaft,gear,mill liner,hammer,bearing, bearing support, vibration exciter,vibrator housing,support roller etc.


YOGIE has advanced CNC machine tools,aerospace mould,military mould,auto mould,auto parts,frame,rail,and other non-standard machining can be supplied by our factory, our machine tools equipments as follows:1.6m/2.5m/5m CNC Vertical lathe,2.2m/3m/4m/6m CNC granty milling machine, 1270/1580/850 machining center,3.5m universal floor-type griding machine, 80mm drill press or some other advanced equipmens,OEM&ODM can be accepted.

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