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Custom Large Gear Shaft

Material: alloy steel, carbon steel, according to customer's requirement ; No.of tooth: customized ; Max.tolerance: ±0.1 ;Tooth form: straight, helical
Product Details:

A Gear Shaft is a round rod that has teeth on it (although these teeth run parallel to the length of the shaft) and is an external input shaft of certain gear operators, which drive the internal reduction gearing. Pinion shaft can be of several types like Integral & Shrunk fit Pinion Shafts. 

We are engaged in the engineering of highly efficient Pinion Shafts that are renowned for their durability and quality. We offer both Single and Double sided pinion shafts that are produced in Metric and Imperial sizes. Our sturdy and durable Pinion Shafts are designed to function efficiently and as per your requirement.

material elements-gear shaft.JPG



Industrial gear shaft is widely used for reducer,gear box,mining machine,metallurgical machine,marine engine,generator,railway,internal combustion etc.

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