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Roller Race Supporting Shaft

Luoyang Yujie Soecializes in machining customized spare parts on horizontal machining machine.
Product Details:

Roller Race Supporting Shaft Machined on NON-CNC Horizontal Machining Machine

Rolling race supporting shaft machining moments:





Technical requirement for rolling race supporting shaft:

1.Edge abating, not-marked chamfer angle 2×45 degree

2.Edge fillet at step part is R3~5mm

3.shaft to be tempered, with hardness of MRC40~55

4.Not-marked tolerance be GB/T1184-15

Machining equipment:

To machine the rolling race supporting shaft, LYYJ uses 3 sets of Non-CNC horizontal machine tool equipment, with 3m-long, 5m-long and 6m-long.

Personeel equipped:

LYYJ employed one top technical engineers and two or three technical operators for each set machine equipment, 2-shift in one day working, meet different demands for all kinds of machining works, like rolling races, supporting shafts, and other required sapre parts.

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