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35CrMo Wind Turbine Shaft

LYYJ is the expert in supplying models of wind turbine generator equipment, wind shaft, and other wind power spare parts. To meet mushrooming demands to the wind power equipment, we have employed enough top technical engineers and technical operators, with 2 shifts each day, which can effectively ensuring wind power deveices machining quality and accurancy.
Product Details:

35CrMo wind turbine shaft machined on 6m horiqontal machine tool equipment

35CrMo wind turbine shaft showing:

Introduction of 35CrMo wind turbine shaft:

For many users of the new vertical axis wind turbine, H-type design principles are more interested, especially in this will.

Part of the design principles and technical indicators described in detail, I hope we can give our friends a better understanding.

The earliest vertical axis wind turbine is a circular arc double vane structure â ¢ Φ type or called Darieu. Because of its subject.

Wind area is small, the corresponding start wind speed is high, has not been vigorously developed, our country also made some attempts a few years ago, but the effect is always unsatisfactory. For some friends asked why the original use of Φ-type design without the current H-type structure? In fact, this is closely related to the development of science and technology, especially the development of the computer, due to the design of the H-axis vertical axis wind turbine needs very A large number of air cavity mechanics calculations and numerical simulation calculations, using manual methods to calculate at least a few years time, and not a single calculation will be able to get the correct results, so the computer is not very advanced people can not complete this Design Concept.

Due to the special needs of the occasion, in 2001 China took the lead in the study, and in the next two years

In the early 2003, the product became mature, and a large number of wind and solar systems based on this new vertical axis wind turbine were mainly adopted in the islands and frontier areas.

Technical principle of 35CrMo wind turbine shaft:

First, the technical principle

The technology uses the principle of air hole mechanics For the wind tunnel simulation of vertical axis rotation, the blade uses the aircraft wing shape,

When the rotor rotates, it will not be affected by the change of efficiency and so on. It is composed of 4-5 vertical straight blades and is fixed by a hub of 4 or 5 angular shape. The rotor connected with the connecting rod of the blade is made up of Wind turbine driven rare earth permanent magnet generator sent to the controller for control, power transmission and distribution load used.

According to the theory of air slice, the calculation model can be selected according to the theory of air slice, and the vertical axis of the vertical fan can be calculated according to the actual blade size. The axial distance between each blade is N meters. CFD technique is used to calculate the aerodynamic coefficient. Principle The discrete numerical method is used to solve the aerodynamic force of the aerofoil. The meshing method is used to compare the flow vorticity distribution of the Reynolds number with the numerical results of the numerical simulation of the Navier-Stokes equation at high Reynolds number.

Principles of power generation using rare earth permanent magnet, Supporting the principle of air holes and the wind wheel, the use of direct-drive structure of the spin

Transfer power.

Second, the power characteristics

According to the principle of H-type wind turbine, wind turbine speed rise faster, torque rise faster.

The rate of rise of power generation also correspondingly faster, power generation curve becomes full, as shown below. At the same power, the vertical axis wind turbines have a lower rated wind speed than the existing horizontal axis wind turbines and generate more electricity at low wind speeds.

Third, the structure

Because of this design structure using a special air hole mechanics, the triangle vector method of connection and direct drive.

The principle of the structure, making the wind wheel force mainly concentrated on the hub, so strong wind resistance, this design features are also reflected in the impact on the surrounding environment, noise-free operation and small electromagnetic interference makes it The new vertical axis wind turbine superiority is very obvious.

Attached: The existing vertical axis wind power supply comparison:

At present, Japan is the largest producer of this type of vertical axis wind power generation system and started research in 2002

Some countries such as Britain and Canada are currently under development. Most of these countries use parallel connecting rods in the rotor design. This method requires a higher output shaft of the generator and the structure is relatively complicated. The on-site installation procedure is also partial many. In addition, from the mechanical analysis, H-axis vertical axis wind turbine power is larger, the longer the blade, the parallel rod center point and the generator shaft center point longer, the worse the wind resistance, therefore, MUCE taken Triangular vector method to make up for some of the shortcomings.

Market demand analysis to 35CrMo wind turbine shaft: 

In recent years, wind power in emerging markets has developed rapidly. Against the backdrop of national policy support and tight energy supply.

The country's wind power, especially the wind power equipment manufacturing industry, has also risen rapidly and has become the most active place for wind power in the world. In 2006, 9% of the global wind power funds went to China with a total amount of 1.62 billion euros and about 16.27 billion yuan. In 2007, China's wind power installed capacity ranked fifth in the world.

China's huge wind power market and cheap labor costs have attracted a large number of foreign wind power giants have set up in China.

Factory, Or take a joint venture with domestic enterprises, The products are labeled made in China. Chinese-made wind power equipment products account for an increasing share of the market. Fan products are undergoing a shift from manufacturing to manufacturing in China.

Prospects to  35CrMo wind turbine shaft: 

China is having a golden opportunity for the development of wind power and the market demand for wind power equipment is on the rise. In addition, in addition to the increasing demand for complete sets of wind power equipment, the supply capacity of wind turbine components such as blades, gearboxes, large bearings and electric control still can not fully meet the demand, and the market has great potential for growth. Therefore, the prosperity of wind power equipment manufacturing industry in China continued.

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