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Φ2m Hoist Blast Furnance Feeding Winch

Luoyang Yujie specializes in machining kinds of mine equipment, spare parts,and machine standard or non-standard parts according to clients' drawings or requirements.
Product Details:

Φ2m Blast Furnance Feeding Winch Parts Machined by CNC Vertical Lathe

Finished blast furnance feeding winch showing:






Technical requirement for theΦ2m blast furnance feeding winch:

1.High annealing treatment after welding rolling piece, with treatment temperature 590~680 degree

2.Breaking disc after-machining swing not larger than 0.2mm, measuring max outer diameter

3.After roller welding, melting through welding at M, its presentation quality according with Bs Grade Requirement of JB/ZQ4000.3-80, machining face according with Cs Grade Requirement, and ultrasonic flaw detection according with II Grade Requirement of Q/LK8032-89(JB1152-82), and other fillet welding according with Bk Grade Requirement of JB/ZQ4000.3-86

4.During machining and assembling process, no bruising and scratch to breaking disc when lifting and over turning, enduring after-machining breaking disc precision

5.When semi-breaking disc assembling, make sure jointed position aligning, leaving 2mm interval gap. Breaking disc packed individually, no.7 part also whipped off together and mark

6.Roller two end side welding first and then machining, drilling hole 32-φ32H7 as fitting bolt hole at breaking and roller joint, and hole 72-φ26 as high strength bolt hole, and mark clearly at relative position when fitting

7.After breaking disc machining but before removing from roller, must mark clearly at relative position, No.20 lifting eye bolt only used when lifting breaking disc

8.Not-marked welding joint should be continuous fillet welding, and fillet welding high 5~10mm

9.All processing-used bolts technically prepared

10.No.2 high strength bolt tightening torque be 750N.m

11.When assembling breaking disc on site, use No.5 fitted bolt to straighten breaking disc position. After fix breaking disc, tighten No.2 high strength bolt

12.After roller annealing, check roller’s radial full beating, its beating value not larger than 3mm

13.Gripper holes on two sides plates should be corresponding ( ensured corresponding when machining)

14.Roller rope slot should be double-rope, left-handed structure, Two-ends rope in-and-out, the end near to motor is lower rope-out, the other end is upper rope-out

15.No.20 lifting eye bolt not marked in drawings

Φ2m blast furnance feeding winch machined on 5m-long vertical machine tool equipment:

Material: carbon, alloy, and stainless steel

Standard: ISO, SGS, CE

Processing: forging, casting and welding

Heat treatment: induction quenching

Weight: 7286 kg

Tolerance: + 0.025mm

Mechanical properties: as drawings

OEM services offered: as drawings

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