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Steel Sleeve For Aluminum Cold Roll Mill

Product Details:

Technical details:


 High quality casting steel spool for Foil board


The price is for reference only. We will give you a quotation according to the drawing requirements and product specifications. If you need to know the details, you can call and inquire.

Production process of casting steel spool:

1. centrifugal casting

Centrifugal pressure casting can ensure chemical composition of the spile, achieving its is reliability and accuracy. Ther will not be crack,scum stoma and sandstone in its inner and outer surface because of centrifugal pressure casting.Besides, excellent heat treatment  can ensure the mechanical properties of the spile.

2. Machining

Professional equipment is used to process inner hole, outer circle and key groove to ensure the precision of inner hole and diameter tolerance of cylinder within 0.05 MM;

The processing needs to meet the concentricity requirements of outer circle and inner hole;

The machining of outer circle and taper is finished in the same CNC lathe, which satisfies its tolerance and size requirement.

3.Dynamic balance test

The spile is carried out on the professional dynamic balance machine whicn can ensure its precision reach G2.5.

4. Package and delivery

The inner and outer surface of the spile is coated with anti-rust oil with the plastic cloth  and the grass ropes tightly wound around it;

It is delivered by whole lot, with measures of anti-collision without other goods. Besides, it can also be  packaged and shipped according to export standard.

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