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steel back up roller

steel back up roller
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Product Details:

This series of steel back up roller is usually manufactured with two lateral thrust bearings in the inner body, either with balls or rollers, which guarantee a very strong support of axial loads.

Backup roller for levelers and metal flattening machines is made in two different styles:

- with the full complement of cylindrical rollers

- with roller cages in mold steel or bronze.


The full complement style allows the bearing to reach a high load capacity both dynamic and static.

The roller cage style (made of two or more cages), along with the wide working surface, allow for increased flattening performance and high speed. The distance rings on the outer ring and the pivot, plus the circle clearance, which is calculated at the minimum, allow a good support of axial loads. The style with roller cages represents the most advanced series of back-up rollers.

Product name

 steel back up roller


45#,Q235B,Q235A,Q345A,Q345B,alloy steel,carbon steel,etc

Heat treatment

Normalizing, annealing, aging, hardening, and tempering


Blanking, bending, spicing, welding,

abrasive blasting(shot blasting),milling,drilling,tapping,test

Main equipment

 1.6m,5m CNC Vertical Lathe; 8m,6m,5m Horizontal Lathe; milling machine; 6m,4m,3m,2m, CNC boring&milling machine; 2 sets CNC Lathes,2sets CNC Machining center VMC 850L;80mm,50mm drilling machine; Plasma cutting machine; CNC cutting machine; Bending machine; Rolling machine;plate shearing machine; submerged arc welding; gas shielded welding; argon arc welding;  large spray room etc.

Max. diameter





dimension inspection, external environment test, visual inspection, incoming inspection, finished product inspection, flaw detection

Max. weight


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