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forged backup rollers

forged backup rollers
forged leveler backup rollers are used for tension levelers to straighten steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, aluminum and other alloys, ie single backup rolls, backup rolls with pivot, pressure rollers, full complement cylindrical roller bearings wheels, and also used for conveyor parts.
Product Details:

Forged leveler backup rollers for levelers and metal flattening machines are made in two different styles:

- with the full complement of cylindrical rollers

- with roller cages in mold steel or bronze.

The full complement style allows the bearing to reach a high load capacity both dynamic and static.

The roller cage style (made of two or more cages), along with the wide working surface, allow for increased flattening performance and high speed. The distance rings on the outer ring and the pivot, plus the circle clearance, which is calculated at the minimum, allow a good support of axial loads. The style with roller cages represents the most advanced series of backup rollers.

These forged leveler backup rollers are usually manufactured with two lateral thrust bearings in the inner body, either with balls or rollers, which guarantee a very strong support of axial loads.

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