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Hoist Rope Wheel

Hoist Rope Wheel
China YOGIE specializes in manufacturing and marketing of lathe machine tool equipment, mechanical machining, casting and forging parts. Main products concern fields including mine and metallurgy parts, and non-standard parts for large-scale gear(shaft), milling boring, mould, space, and military equipment parts. Rope wheel, equipped with steel wire rope, move object or transfer force through steel wire rope. There is oil cylinder rope wheel for side-placed hydraulic ladder. The principle diameter of steel wire rope wheel should be 40 times than the wire rope, but when the distance between wire rope and rope wheel is 1/4 less than the wheel circumference, the rope wheel diameter should be at least 36 times than wire rope diameter. The ropw wheel can be used for excavator. Besides, we can also process according to customer supplied material and drawings.
Product Details:

Hoist Rope Wheel Rope Wheel by CNC Lathe Machine Tool Equipment

Painted Hoist Rope Wheel showing:

17 绳轮-rope wheel.jpg

Background info for Hoist Rope Wheel:

LYYJ, fully named Luoyang Yujie Industry & Trade Co. Ltd., is the specialist in supplying all models of CNC nad non-CNC machine tool equipment, and in machining kinds of spare parts in mehcanism and mining field, like rope wheel, motor casing, plug, and roll crush.

Some advantages featured for LYYJ:

1. advanced technology for CNC lathe and machining for rope wheel

2. volumn machining and production of rope wheel, hence lower cost and price

3. enough equipment supporting smooth machining rope wheel procedure

4. strict testing process to final finished rope wheel before packing and transporting

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