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Mining Hoist Roller

Mining Hoist Roller
Luoayng Yujie specializes in manufacturing Fixed beam CNC controller system gantry turning and boring milling machining processing center with cheap price, standard and non-standard we can manufacture, customer just tell our your requirement, our engineer can design the special CNC Gantry milling machine for you, the fixed-beam CNC Gantry milling machining center type 1610,2017,2012,3017,3022,4032,4025,5027,6032 which is our regular products, also moving -beam CNC Gantry milling machining center and CNC Gantry milling machining center with five-axis linkage bridge form can be produced by our factory.
Product Details:

mining hoist roller machined on 5m-diameter CNC vrtical machine tool equipment

Hoist roller machining moments:

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