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Hoist Speed Reducer

Hoist Speed Reducer
China YOGIE specializes in manufacturing and marketing of lathe machine tool equipment, mechanical machining,large-scale mine machine tool equipment, arrester brake, speed reducer, and other mine equipment parts. Main products concern fields including gear(shaft), milling boring, mould, space, and military equipment parts. Besides, we can also process by client supplied material or drawings.
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Mining Hoist Speed Reducer

Volumn Hoist Speed Reducer showing:

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General description of Hoist Speed Reducer:

Rear normally closed type oil cylinder disc brake, usually rear oil cylinder, when hoist starts, hydraulic pressure station will switch on brake by outputting pressure oil, the hoist starts working. When hoist starts brake, the pressure station will enhance or decrease pressure according to real situation, and the brake will produce the opposite braking force, hydraulic pressure station force will go back to residual pressure on accidents occasion, the brake will stop the hoist with max brake force at min time.

The speed reducers are used for mine hoist, belt conveyor, aerial cable way, ship lift, and other kinds of mechanical equipment.

The most important is that we can cut much cost in speed reducer because we are the OEM expert for mechanical and mining equipment and spare parts like speed reducer.

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