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Mining Hoist Roller

Luoyang Yujei specializes in supplying various models CNC gantry mill lathe amchines, and machining kinds of standard or non-standard spare parts. Besides, we also can machin according to clients' drawigns or requirement.
Product Details:

Mining Hoist Roller Milled on 3m-long CNC Gantry Milling Lathe

Finished Mining Hoist Roller display:

cepymrv2q94mA - 副本.jpg






How can we machine the hoist roller as drawings?

We firstly turn the general slot as drawing on 3m-long CNC gantry milling machine, and then accurately mill on the 3m-long CNC gantry milling equipment.

What is the guarantee for machining Mining Hoist Roller?

1. We have manufacture equipment to mill with super quality and low cost.

2. We have special staff for special mill rolling machining.

3. We have awarded certificates for rolling mill roller machining, like business licence, ISO, CE and SGS certificates.

How can our customers pay us?

T.T. is the most regular payment method for most of our online and offline business.

How can our customers find us?

Sales manager: Tina Zuo

WhatsApp: +86-155 1539 9092


Notes: all message can be replied within 48 working hours.

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