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Wheel Belt for Drying Machine Transmission Device

Luoyang Yujie specializes in supplying CNC gantry milling machines, and mamachining standard or non-standard spare parts according to customers' drawings or requirements.
Product Details:

wheel belt for drying machine transmission device machined on CNC gantry milling machine

Machined and semi-machined wheel belts for displaying:





drying machine transmission device.jpg





Technical Requirement of wheel belt for drying machine transmission device:

1.Two hale wheel belts jointed together, use 0.05mm-thickness feeler gauge measuring jointed surface, max slipping not larger than 25mm

2.Casting chemical element conforming to JB/T6402-2006 regulation

3.Casting piece be tempering treatment, after-tempering outer surface hardness with 170~230HB, mechanical performance according to JB/T6402-2006, with fornace test bar

4.After turning rough machining, do ultrasonic defects test on outer round surface according to Class 2 of GB7233, magnetic powder inspection obeys Class 2 of JB/T5000.14-2007

5.Casting defects treatment meet requirements of JC401.3-91, and

(1)After turning rough machining, outer surface defects can be repair welding only not beyond following conditions: grooving width not wider than 10% of machining width, grooving depth not exceeding 25mm, grooving area not larger than 2% of the machined regional total area, and area sum including semi-finished grooving area not exceeding 4% of the regional total area

(2)Warm-up before repair welding, tempering treatment after repair welding, repair welding hardness less than parent metal, and the hardness distance between core area and parent metal not larger than 10%

(3)After finishing machining, forbidding repair welding on surface

6.After wheel belt machining, label actual-tested inner and outer round diameter figures on belt side surface by steel seal, and mark the label by white-paint outline border

7.Casting piece hand-over technical requirement meets this drawings and JC401.4-91

8.Wheel belt not kept vertically preventing from deformation, and avoid any surface damages when lifting

9.Stressing-releasing treatment when machining

10.Apart from jointed surface, bolt hole and bolt installation position, other dimension assembled before machining

Equipment for machining wheel belt of drying machien transmission device:

Luoyang Yujie owns series for machining wheel belt of drying machine transmission device, like 5m-high CNC vertical machine tool equipment, 1.6m-high CNC vertical machine tool equipment, and non-CNC horizontal machien tool equipment.

Personnel employed:

Inder to meet customers' demands, LYYJ employed numerous of top technical engieers, especually to machine wheel belt of drying machien transmission device. These top technicans have rich woking experience and field skill.

Standard related:

Material: alloy steel

Standard: ISO, SGS, CE

Processing: casting, welding, and machining

Heat treatment: induction quenching

Roughness: 3.2

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