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custom forged steel ring

Custom Open Die Forging, Main Shaft, Wind Power Shaft, Stabilizer, Flange,Tube Sheet, Roller Forging, Ring Forging, Gear Blank, Gear Wheel.
Product Details:

 Forged rings can offer great advantages over rings cut from steel plate or bar stock. Forged rings have considerable material cost savings due to the ring being hot formed on a mandrel as opposed to the inside diameter being cut from the plate or bar. Additionally a forged ring can have metallurgical advantages from being forged with a radial or tangential grain flow, not found in rings cut from bar or plate. Furthermore, our large assortment of saddles and mandrels enable us to forge heavy and thin-walled rings and sleeves. Due to the low tooling cost for forging mandrel rolled rings an sleeves there is no minimum quantity requirements.


Main products: Custom Open Die Forging, Main Shaft, Wind Power Shaft, Stabilizer, Flange,Tube Sheet, Roller Forging, Ring Forging, Gear Blank, Gear Wheel.

Materials: Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Alloy steel,Brass etc.

Process: Forging – Normalizing & Tempering – Proof Machining- Quenching & Tempering –  Precision Machining

QA DOC.:Chemical Composition Report, Mechanical Properties Report,UT Report, Heat Treatment  Report,Dimensions Check Report


UT test: 100% ultrasonic test according to EN10228-3, SA388 etc.

Product name



alloy steel


steel plate

Processin order

End face, outer radian, slope.

Model Number

According to drawing

Packaging Details

Package adapting to ocean transport

Delivery Time

30 - 90 days



YOGIE is mainly engaged in the designing and manufacturing of large machinery components and non-standard machinery parts according to customer's request, including shafts, gears, sprockets, mining machinery parts, welding, bearing, casting & forging etc.

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