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Grinding Milling Balls

Grinding Milling Balls
China YOGIE specializes in manufacturing and marketing of lathe machine tool equipment, mechanical machining, casting and forging parts. Main products concern fields including mine and metallurgy parts, and non-standard parts for large-scale gear(shaft), milling boring, mould, space, and military equipment parts. We own high precision milling boring equipment, milling machining center, and CNC lathe machine tool equipment, which can excellently process mine machine tool equipment, balls grinding, specially kinds of customized grinding balls and other mine parts. The grinding ball is olive shaped, smaller opposites diameter, bigger middle diameter. This olive ball can self rotate along long axis when the ball hit the grinding jar inner wall, on one side do lower grinding ball energy on one side, releasing pollution to material, lengthening grinding jar life. On the other side do grinding balls self rotate when hit each other, further crashing smashed material, improving ball grinding and smashing efficiency. Besides, we can also process according to customer supplied material and drawings.
Product Details:

Grinding Milling  Balls by CNC VMC 1060L

Grinding Milling  Balls displaying:

23 磨球-grinding balls.png

General info for grinding balls machining:

LYYJ have series of CNC machining equipment for mining spare parts machining, like mining grinding balls, mill liner plate, support rob, and other mine machinery equipment.

Especially, grinding ball machining is one of the most excellent machining techniques in our factory.

Besides, we have employed enough skilled technicans from the whole country to meet mehcanical machiing requirement for grinding balls, fixed pressing plate, ring rail, and other mine machinery equipment.

Quality control:

All our grinding balls will go to through five checking steps in the whole machining processing before packing, all grinding balls need to be confirmed checking.

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