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Casting Rotary Kiln Tyre

Material: 42Crmo, ZG45,ZG42CrMo, ZG42CrNiMo, Low alloy steel and carbon steel; Dimensions: According to drawings ; Max.tolerance: ±0.3 ; Certification: ISO9001
Product Details:

Product introduction

Tyre is another name for rolling ring, which is the main part of rotary kiln. The function of tyre is to transfer the whole weight (including firebrick, interior device and material) to riding wheel to make barrel stably move round at riding wheel. Therefore, tyre should have excellent strength and wear resistance; meanwhile, it is the part to enhance radial stiffness of barrel, so it should have excellent stiffness


1. High strength, excellent wear resistance

Shanghai Special Metal uses ZG45 and ZG42CrMo to cast rotary kiln tyre to ensure high strength and excellent toughness, which is good for supporting.

2. Adopting double medium quenching process while casting tyre to enhance the flexibility  

Shanghai Special Metal adopts advanced double medium quenching process and forges equally each part, which enhance the hardness and toughness to get high wear resistance to adapt all kinds of bad working conditions

3. Type has a simply structure. It is convenient to manufacture and to do routine maintenance

Production Process

1. Wooden pattern Production

2. Molding

3. Pouring

4. First cleaning

5. Heat treatment – grinding (inspection)

6. Rough machining (inspection)-finishing machining (inspection)

7. Packing-delivering

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