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cast steel cement kiln thrust roller

Material: ZG42CrMo, alloy steel ;Process: Lathing, milling, drilling ; Heat treatment: Hardness ≥ 220-240MB ;Diameter :1100mm ;Length :431mm ;Tolerance :±0.5.
Product Details:

Rotary kilns are always subjected to a natural down thrust due to their inclination. The down thrust is absorbed by the thrust device – hydraulic or mechanical.

In order to ensure uniform use of the contact surfaces between tyres and supporting rollers, as well as the girth gear and pinion, the axial motion of the rotary kiln is hydraulically controlled. The hydraulic thrust roller mechanism counteracts the forces which are generated by the slope of the kiln.It operates automatically and is controlled by non-contact.

Hydraulic thrust forces can be very severe and must be counteracted by suitable anchoring devices or concrete anchor blocks.

· Improves lifetime for rolling components,

· Minimizes the risk of breakdowns,

· Reduces maintenance costs,

· Absorption of kiln expansion and slide range

· Functional and proven design

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