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Cement kiln support shaft

China Yogie specialized in manufacturing shafts, this support shaft used in cement kiln, with riding wheel, support shaft assembled in riding wheel, which support the large roller rolling,our factory have 5m,8m and 12m horizontal lathe,and 16.m,5m vertical lathe and CNC gantry boring and milling machine, mining machinery spare parts like these support shaft and riding wheel is our common products.
Product Details:

Cement kiln forging support shaft

support shaft 01.jpg

Product name

Cement kiln forging support shaft


Alloy steel,Carbon steel,Carburizing steel,quenched and tempered steel  

Heat treatment

Normalizing,annealing,quenching&tempering,surface quenching,case hardening


CNC lathing,CNC Milling,CNC Boring,CNC Grinding,CNC Drilling

Main Equipments

1.6m,5m CNC Vertical Lathe,5m,8m,12m Horizontal lathe,2.2m,3m,4m,6m CNC Gantry boring and milling machine, 2sets CNC Machinging center VMC 850L, 6m CNC Boring machine, 2sets 2M CNC Grinding machine,50mm,80mm drilling machine, hobbing and shaping gear machine, automatic feeding machine,bending machine,plate shearing machine,press machine,etc.

Diameter of shaft:

Max. 3000mm

Length of shaft:



Chemical composition test,Ultrasonic test,Magnetic test,Tensile strength test,Impact Test,Hardness Test,Dimension test



Yogie have advanced CNC equipments, specialized in designing and manufacturing different kinds of shafts, support shaft,main shaft,gear shaft,wind turbine shaft,hollow shaft,drive shaft, which can be used in cement kiln, mine, petroleum,textile, paper plant,power plant,steel mill etc.


Support shaft 02.jpg

This support shaft,support roller assembled in riding wheel, which support the roller for rotary kiln used in cement mill, this support shaft weight large, with forging, the riding wheel and support shaft all high wear-resistance.

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