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Rotary Washing Screen Sheet

Rotary Washing Screen Sheet
China YOGIE specializes in manufacturing and marketing of lathe machine tool equipment, mechanical machining, casting and forging parts. Main products concern fields including mine and metallurgy parts, and non-standard parts for large-scale gear(shaft), milling boring, mould, space, and military equipment parts. Screen plate include types, like rectangle, square, round, herringbone, bar shape, Narrow pore shape, plate type, oblong, triangular hole, square hole, quincunx hole, shell hole, and kinds of hole type perforated screen plates. Besides, we can also process according to customer supplied material and drawings.
Product Details:

Rotary Washing Screen Sheet by CNC Gantry Milling Machine

Finished Rotary Washing Screen Sheet showing:

15 筛板-screen plate.jpg

Rotary Washing Screen Sheet application: screen plate application can be used for ore washing, ore screening, ore grading, ore deslagging, desliming screen, and ore dewatering.

Functional features of Rotary Washing Screen Sheet:

1.polyurethane elastomer screen plate, high bearable, long life, ten times than metal screen mesh, 3-5 times than ordinary screen, and 2-3 times than stainless screen.

2.Mine cost per ton slower than metal screen.

3.Moisture-proof, high wearable.

4.Shock absorption and noise reduction, 10bB lower than metal screen plate(mesh).

5.Auto cleaning, polyurethane double vibration, thence no blocking hole, high screen effect.

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