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Metallurgical Flat Bracket Base Machined In Our Factory In Early January Of 2018
Jan 10, 2018

  Metallurgical Flat Bracket Base Machined in Our Factory in Early January of 2018   

Machining moments for Flat Bracket Base of  Metallurgical Equipment:



General description for Flat Bracket Base: 

Metallurgical Equipment is the critical device both in domestic and voerseas, includes devices, like  Bulk material conveying equipment Fluid conveying equipment Metallurgical heat transfer equipment Mixing and mixing equipment Solid liquid separation equipment Extraction and ion exchange equipment Evaporation and crystallization equipment Electrolysis and Flat Bracket Base electrowinning equipment Drying equipment Metallurgical combustion equipment Sintering equipment, Flat Bracket Base, smelting equipment and flue gas dust collection and purification equipment.

Machining introductiuon for Flat Bracket Base :

Flat Bracket Base of metallurgical equipment is one of the regular machining euqipment spare parts machined in our factory, the steel carbon steel is bought by us directly at local market with lower cost, machinied on CNC VMC850L last week. the whole procedure includes steps rough turning, precision machining, carefully polishing, and last grinding. The final flat bracket base looks so nice and reach the required hardness and accuracy for the metallurgical working.

Our client, one of the government metallurgical companies, feels so satisfied with our machined metallurgical flat bracket base, and promises all of following related workpieces will be delivered to us for machining, which is such so gread achievement for us.